The Lessee acknowledges that prior to taking the rented item(s), inspected its operations (if appropriate), and deemed to be in good condition except for any defect noted on the contract. It is the responsibility of the lessee to return the rented item(s) to AGS Event Rentals & Floral Design Studio, Inc. in the same condition.

Lessee agrees and covenants:

  • That lessee has inspected the Rental Equipment and finds the same to be in good acceptable condition.
  • That lessee is satisfied with the instructions given by Lessor in the proper and safe manner of using the Rented Equipment, or that Lessee is so familiar with it, and its proper and safe use and has told Lessor so, that such instructions is unnecessary.
  • That the Rented Equipment will only be used to at the address designated unless lessee obtains written permission of Lessor to use it elsewhere.
  • That under no circumstances will the Rented Equipment leave the immediate vicinity of the Metropolitan Area (as most narrowly defined), embracing lessor’s business location at which lessee rented the equipment.
  • That the Rented Equipment will not be used for any illegal purpose or in any illegal manner or in any illegal activity.
  • That the Rented Equipment will be used only for the specific and proper purpose of which it was manufactured and intended, and only in the proper and safe manner.
  • That no one other than Lessee or Lessee’s employees will use the Rented Equipment, except with a written permission by Lessor. Lessee agrees that the equipment shall be used only by persons competent and trained in its operation and that Lessee will be solely responsible for providing competent operators. No use by anyone other than Lessee shall relieve lessee of any and all liability hereunder.

Lessee assumes all risks inherent in the operation and use of the Rental Equipment by Lessee and anyone else. Lessee assumes the entire responsibility for the defense of and agree to pay, indemnity, and hold AGS Event Rentals & Floral Design Studio, Inc, and its shareholders, directors, officers, and successors harmless from, and hereby fully discharges and releases Lessor from any and all claims for damages to property or for bodily injury (including death), or loss of time, or inconvenience, or consequential damages (including but not limited to lost revenue or profits) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the Rented Equipment, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or in part from negligence of Lessor from the defective condition of the Rented Equipment, or from any other cause.

In addition to its other obligations hereunder, Lessee shall:

A. Clean and repack Rental Equipment and return them in the boxes or containers in which they were delivered or picked up.
B. Pay a reasonable cleaning charge for any equipment or other item return dirty.
C. Protect the Rented Equipment and other items from the elements, breakage, theft, unauthorized or improper use, of loss during the time of delivery or pickup, use storage and return or otherwise while in the possession or control of Lessee.

Lessee agrees to immediately discontinue the use of the Rented Equipment/Item should it, at any time, become unsafe or in state of disrepair, and to immediately notify Lessor of the facts. Lessor agrees, in its discretion, either to repair the Rent Equipment within a reasonable time; or provide Lessee with a comparable item if available; or make the Rental Equipment/Item available to Lessee at another time (if applicable to Lessee); or adjust the rental charge. This provision does not relieve Lessee from Lessee’s other obligation under the Rental Contract.

There are no warranties or merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, either express beyond the description of the face hereof. There is no warranty that the rented equipment/item is suited for renter’s intended use, other that it is free from defects, nor are any other warranties, either express or implied made in connection with the rental transaction.

Lessee’s right to possession of the Rental Equipment/Item terminates upon the expiration of the rental period set forth above and retention of possession after this time constitutes a material breach of this contract. Time is of the essence in the contract. Any extensions must be mutually agreed upon in writing.

Lessee shall return the Rented Equipment/Item to Lessor during its regular business hours, promptly upon, or prior to expiration of the Rental Period. If Lessee does not timely return the Rented Equipment/Item, the rental rate shall continue until the equipment is returned.

Lessee shall pay all charges payable under the Rental Contract in advance provided, however, the foregoing shall not limit the payable by Lessee hereunder and all additional amounts hereunder shall be paid immediately as such costs or charges are included. Lessee shall pay all reasonable costs of collection, court, attorney’s fees and other expenses paid or incurred by Lessor in the collection of any charges due under this Rental Contract, or in the retaking of the Rental Equipment/Item or in other enforcements of the terms of the Rental Contract. Lessee shall pay in addition to any other amounts payable hereunder, a service charge of 1-2/4% per month (21% annually) on paste due Accounts.


Lessee is required to provide a refundable deposit of $250 as a hold to ensure all rented equipment is returned and accounted for. The deposit will be released the same day the rented equipment is returned, inspected and re-stocked. It can take 3-7 business days for your bank to process the return.

Lessee assumes the entire risk of loss, regardless of cause, with respect to the Rented Equipment, normal and reasonable wear and tear accepted. Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost of repair of damaged, lost or stolen goods. Rented Equipment which is unreturned when due or damaged beyond repair, as determined by Lessor, must be paid for by Lessee at its full replacement cost, as designated by Lessor. All costs of repairs will be borne by Lessee whether performed by Lessor or at its option by another. Lessee shall pay a reasonable cleaning charge for Rented Equipment returned dirty. Lessee shall pay Lessor all charges and cost payable hereunder upon receipt or invoice.

Replacement cost of the below items is as follows:

Garnier Vase – $95
Clarinet Vase – $95
Indigo Vase – $75
Gold Candelabra – $85
Cylinder Vases (any size) – $15
Candle holders (metal any size) – $25 each
Candle holders (glass any size) – $25 each
Mirror cube vases (any size) – $30
Mirror riser – $45


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